Get more screen real-estate, on the cheap

Did you know? With Outlook 2007 and newer versions, you can hide or display the Navigation Pane (at the left side of the screen) by clicking Alt+F1.


Use Alt + F2 to toggle the display of the To-Do Bar at the right side of the screen.

Ctrl + F1 hides or displays the Ribbon. This doesn’t work in the main Outlook window but it can help to free up space when editing a Task Item or other item.

[w] = I’m waiting for you

Did you know? Using a simple [w] in your emails can greatly improve the quality of your life. Read this step-by-step explanation to find out exactly how this works in Microsoft Outlook.

If you delegate, order, or ask anything via email, you can command Outlook to add that email to a Waiting For list just by adding a simple [w] to the body of the email.

A [w] at the bottom of your email is inconspicuous, so most people won’t notice it. It’s a powerful tool to keep your Waiting For list up to date and your mind at ease

To enable this feature, simply create a new WaitingFor-Email folder and add a rule.

I copied this description from my webpage at I built that website to let others know about the [w] command and encourage you to do the same. Go ahead — make someone’s day!

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Only CC’d? Please display in another color

If you receive scads of mails every day, it’s handy to be able to quickly see if each one was sent to you directly, or if you’re just on somebody’s CC list.

In Outlook, here’s how to set up this function:

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How do I get my inbox to empty each day?

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