Is your corporation or organization interested in processing e-mail much, much faster?

I’m Taco Oosterkamp and I love showing people how Outlook can be turned into a powerful tool, instead of one of the applications that drains your energy. (Even Microsoft employees buy my book to supercharge their e-mail!)

In the past few years I have already trained thousands of people to implement a few clear and easy steps to get their inbox to empty each and every day. I love to travel around the world and would like to hear from you if your organization could use a serious boost in this area.

Because I’m committed to effectiveness, I normally provide my services this way:

  • I do a live session of 1 to 2 hours in which I explain and demonstrate what you need to do in Outlook to get a much better overview and work much faster in Outlook. Minimum attendance is 50 people, maximum attendance has never been an issue. If you want – you can book me for a football stadium 🙂
  • You get a license to use a small software tool that sets up the extra folders, buttons and shortcuts that I explain during my session. This saves the attendees about an hour per person. It has to run just once, it is not a plug-in for Outlook. And if you don’t want to use it that is fine, too!
  • A copy of my book ‘Each Day Empty’ for each attendee. This explains in clear English what I demonstrated during the live session.
  • A mini course by e-mail for each attendee. This repeats the information in a low-key style, so it won’t be forgotten.

Based on the size of your organization and the physical location for the live session we can offer you this gigantic boost in e-mail productivity for a very affordable price per person.

Please contact my manager Eva de Vries at for a proposal or to schedule a consultation.